We accept applications for the next school year starting in December.  You will be conditionally accepted for the S1 and S4 spots and then formally accepted when your national exam test results are confirmed.  If you are conditionally accepted, you will be required to put a deposit of 50% of the first year tuition.  If you are not formally accepted, we will fully refund your deposit.  If you are formally accepted you will be required to pay an application fee of RWF 2000.  All fees must be paid in full before the beginning of the school year.

We expect all candidates to visit our school during the holiday breaks to view our facilities and to familiarize themselves with our campus.  We also invite prospective students to come and spend one to two periods with our current students and experience a slice of the Maranyundo life. You MUST make an appointment to visit our school.  If you do not have an appointment you will not be allowed to enter the campus.

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