Our staff is comprised of administrative, academic, and support personnel.  The administrative staff includes our Head of School, Dean of Students, and Dean of Discipline.  They provide the vision and leadership for our school, and are an integral part of the success of the school.  

The faculty is comprised of proficient, English language educators in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and humanities domains (Languages, Literature, Entrepreneurship, Religious Education, and General Studies).  They were selected based on their past record of teaching outcomes, experience, and willingness to be lifelong learners.  All faculty are well versed in pedagogy, instructional technology, and collaborative planning.  Our faculty are required to participate in continuing professional development to improve their existing skills or to learn new skills.  We seek to provide pragmatic and practical skills development while also introducing the latest research from cognitive and learning sciences.  With the availability of a fiber optic internet connection, we leverage online learning resources for professional development.  Some of our faculty hold advanced degrees and others have have completed professional development training in the U.S. Some members of our faculty have been invited to create and have contributed to the development of the new national curriculum standards (implemented in 2016).

Our support staff provides essential services for an efficient and effective learning and teaching environment.  They assist the administration and the faculty with various tasks, including implementing new instructional technology initiatives.  All of our faculty have a laptop computer with access to the internet and GSuite for Education (Google apps for education).  They increasingly use the laptops for lectures (using presentation software instead of chalkboards), interactive classroom lessons (using tablets and Raspberry Pi content server), and continuous assessment of learning and for learning.  Our support staff provides these essential services so that our administration and faculty can  focus on improving learning outcomes and teaching effectiveness.

Our faculty includes native English speakers from the U.S. who are responsible for improving language fluency.  They regularly employ research based methods for language acquisition from the EFL (English as Foreign Language) discipline and use WIDA standards to measure and manage each and every student’s English proficiency.  These faculty members also coordinate our writing & listening labs, online internet-based (face-to-face) speaking programs, and reading comprehension interventions and enrichment programs.  The also lead professional development efforts for our non-native speaker to improve the understanding of their respective content domain, especially to understand emerging pedagogical research and trends from around the world.


Headmistress Sr. Juvenal  Mukamurama
Head of School

Joseph Balikuddembe
Dean of Students

Sr. Yvonne Umwali
Dean of Discipline



Agnes Amutosi
Catholic Religious Education, Entrepreneurship, Geography

Joseph Blikuddembe

Julius Besigye
Entrepreneurship, General Paper

Jules Inshuti
Biology, Chemistry

Sr. Syliva Kansiime
Catholic Religious Education

Gerald Kasungwa
Chemistry, Physics

Noel Kuriakos
Computer Science, Project Based Learning, Director of Career & College Counseling, Director of Instructional Technology

Faustin Kwizera
Computer Science

Innocent Muforomo

Sr. Perpetue Mujawamariya
Catholic Religious Education, French

Beatrice Musiimenta
English, Literature

Leonard Musisi
Biology, Chemistry

Viane Musinguzi

Emmanuel Mutyaba

Yves Nshimyumukiza

Marcel Nshimiyimana
English, Kiswahili

Valence Ntakirutimana
Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Jean D’Amour Ruvungantare

Aggrey Tumwesigye
Entrepreneurship, General Paper

Sr. Yvonne Umawali
Catholic Religious Education


Support Staff

Matron & Student Activities

Nadine Ihimbazwe
Secretary & Office Manager