An Environment to Learn, Grow, and Thrive

The Maranyundo Girls School is place where your daughter will learn to become a responsible, independent, individual, who values intellect, friendship, and good moral character.  We provide one of the best educational opportunities for secondary school  education in Rwanda, while focusing on the whole student.  Your daughter will not only learn to work hard in academics but also learn to work with others from different backgrounds, while learning self respect, personal responsibility, and moral integrity.

We provide an environment to help your daughter succeed academically first and foremost.  We do not have any distractions for the students, like other private schools, because our educational philosophy is based on the Benebikira ethos.  We do not allow students to bring any electronic items, such as phones and tablets, and other personal items, except for what is listed in Allowed Items list.  We view all students as equals on our campus and therefore we do not allow students to bring too many personal items to school.   As a boarding school we organize students in a community format, so that older more experienced students can help younger, less experienced students, incorporating an important Rwandan cultural value.  Your daughter will be make important friendships and learn and grow with her community of peers and classmates.

We focus on developing essential 21st century competencies with an exceptional faculty, extracurricular activities, and the necessary support services, to teach to each individual student. We provide individualized attention to every student so that your daughter can succeed academically, socially, and spiritually.  We strive to develop talents, develop essential skills, and the necessary knowledge for your daughters to make a difference in Rwanda and the world with a social justice conscience.

Our students routinely do well in the national exams and this is evidence of our educational philosophy and our approach to educating girls is successful.  We invest in your daughters’ education through continuous faculty training, investments in instructional technology, and expanding the infrastructure of the campus to serve the needs of students.

Our school is located on several acres in Nyamata, with beautiful scenic views.  It is a secure place with 24 hours of security, seven days a week.  We are equipped to transport students to the local hospital in case of emergencies or to Kigali if the need arises.   Most of our buildings are new and was designed to foster learning.  Our state of the art Learning Center offers a library and learning space, that nurtures creativity and inquisitiveness. Our campus is easily accessible by bus and car and located minutes from the center of Nyamata town.


We accept applications for the next school year starting in December.  You will be conditionally accepted for the S1 and S4 spots and then formally accepted when your national exam test results are confirmed.  If you are conditionally accepted, you will be required to put a deposit of 50% of the first year tuition.  If you are not formally accepted, we will fully refund your deposit.  If you are formally accepted you will be required to pay an application fee of RWF 2000.  All fees must be paid in full before the beginning of the school year.

We expect all candidates to visit our school during the holiday breaks to view our facilities and to familiarize themselves with our campus.  We also invite prospective students to come and spend one to two periods with our current students and experience a slice of the Maranyundo life. You MUST make an appointment to visit our school.  If you do not have an appointment you will not be allowed to enter the campus.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.