History of Maranyundo Girls School

The Maranyundo Girls School is a private secondary boarding school located in Nyamata Sector, Bugesera District, Rwanda. The school offers a rigorous program for Ordinary Levels (S1-S3) and Advanced Levels (S4-S6).  It follows the Rwanda National Curriculum, infusing student-centered teaching strategies designed to develop critical thinking and leadership skills. Open to all faiths, the Maranyundo Girls School is owned and operated by the Benebikira Congregation, who took over operation of the school from the Maranyundo Initiative in 2010. The school originally opened its doors in 2008 to its pioneer class of 60 students. Each year, out of hundreds of applicants, only 60 students are admitted in a highly competitive application process that takes into account national primary school leaving exam grades, student merit,  school fit, extracurricular activities, and financial need. 

Maranyundo Girls School has become an exemplary learning center and development center for the modern Rwandan Girl. Maranyundo Girls are highly sought for their high degree of personal responsibility, academic performance, and sense of personal and community responsibility. The campus is organized in traditional Rwandan style with dormitories, a library, science and computer labs and classroom clustered around a central oval. 

Our Mission

Maranyundo Girls School offers all students not simply access to education but academic excellence, regardless of a family’s ability to pay tuition. It provides degree-qualified teachers, small classes, teacher-enrichment opportunities and a beautiful, safe, well- equipped campus in which to learn. It provides a supportive community where students learn respect, responsibility, and leadership for themselves, each other, and the wider community.