Caring and Comfortable Environment

The community developed at our school creates a caring and comfortable environment for our students. Each new student is paired with a student from the previous class, called a mother, who acts as a mentor to the younger girl. The mentor of the mentor, or grandmother, also looks after the new student. This system creates a strong network of caring relationships across economic divides and grade levels. 

Maranyundo Girls School is open to girls of all faiths and is owned and administered by the Benebikira Congregation, a Rwandan order of Roman Catholic nuns who have successfully administered schools for decades. The Benebikira Congregation runs a total of 22 highly successful primary, secondary and vocational schools in Rwanda and Burundi that educate a total of 12,180 students a year.

The Benebikira Sisters instill in the students Rwandan values such as discipline and personal responsibility. The school exemplifies the congregation’s unwavering belief in the ability of every girl, regardless of background or family situation, to meet high standards of excellence. Rooted in the sense of community and values, the girls themselves organize student activities outside of class time. Some of the current student-led clubs are Public Speaking, Debate, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Traditional Dance, Modern Dance, Modelling and Fashion, Choir, Peace and Unity, Maranyundo Charity Team, Environment Club, Peace and Love Proclaimers, Art Club, Anti-Drug and Crime Club, and the Reading and Poetry Club. Every year students develop and organize more clubs exemplifying the diversity of our school.